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September 29, 2022GA 81

Senate File (SF)

Bill Bill Title
SR 34 A resolution honoring Solon Community Schools coach and teacher Ed Hansen.
SF 2103 A bill for an act relating to disorderly conduct committed near a military funeral, memorial service, funeral procession, or burial, and providing penalties. (See SF 2240.)
SF 2330 A bill for an act prohibiting monitor vending machines and providing an excise tax and an effective date.(Formerly SF 2142.) Effective 3-20-06.

Senate Study Bill (SSB)

Bill Bill Title
SSB 1051 A study bill for an act relating to access to dependent adult abuse information and unemployment compensation claims. 1-24-05 Subcommittee: Horn, Behn, Courtney, Seymour. SF 335.

House File (HF)

Bill Bill Title
HF 816 A bill for an act relating to the funding of, the operation of, and appropriation of moneys to the college student aid commission, the department for the blind, the department of cultural affairs, the department of education, and the state board of regents and providing an effective date. Effective 07-01-05, with exception of section 22 effective 06-06-05.
HF 883 A bill for an act to legalize actions taken and proceedings conducted by the state of Iowa, Linn county, the city of Cedar Rapids, and three school districts including the Cedar Rapids community school district, the College community school district, and the Linn-Mar community school district, which relate to erroneously established boundaries, and providing an effective date. Effective 06-10-05.
HF 2505 A bill for an act authorizing the labor commissioner to represent laborers or employees seeking wage claims in pending receivership or seizure actions and providing an applicability date. Effective 7-01-06.
HF 2696 A bill for an act relating to the disposal of a controlled substance. Effective 7-01-06.