House Resolution Listing (0000 - 0099 )

  • HR 19

    A resolution honoring the nation of Taiwan.

  • HR 18

    A resolution designating Tardive Dyskinesia Awareness Week.

  • HR 17

    A resolution to recognize and congratulate the women’s basketball team of Clarke University in Dubuque for their 2023 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics championship.

  • HR 16

    A resolution congratulating the University of Iowa women’s basketball team on their extraordinary 2023 season.

  • HR 15

    A resolution honoring the responders to the March 7, 2022, East High School shooting.

  • HR 14

    A resolution recognizing the Hoover Uncommon Public Service Award winner for 2023, Representative Bobby Kaufmann.

  • HR 13

    A resolution honoring and congratulating the Grand View University wrestling team on its outstanding National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Wrestling National Championship win.

  • HR 12

    A resolution to recognize the Iowa Small Business Development Centers and honor 2023 award winners.

  • HR 11

    A resolution commemorating St. Patrick’s Day and the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement between most political parties in Northern Ireland and the British and Irish governments.

  • HR 10

    A resolution recognizing National Speech and Debate Education Day.

  • HR 9

    A resolution designating the month of March as Disabilities Awareness Month in Iowa.

  • HR 8

    A resolution designating February 28, 2023, as Community College Day.

  • HR 7

    A resolution relating to the code of ethics of the House of Representatives for the Ninetieth General Assembly.(Formerly HSB 77.)

  • HR 6

    A resolution designating May 2023 as Jewish American Heritage Month.

  • HR 5

    A resolution regarding foundational principles of the American form of government.

  • HR 4

    A resolution designating a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy awareness day and promoting efforts to educate people about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

  • HR 3

    A resolution relating to permanent rules of the House of Representatives for the Ninetieth General Assembly.(Formerly HSB 31.)

  • HR 2

    A resolution to arrange for opening the sessions with prayer.

  • HR 1

    A resolution for the selection and appointment of secretaries and pages.