Bill Requests By Representative Isenhart, Charles, House

Representative Isenhart, Charles, House

Received LSB # Bill # Working Title Category
02/08/2023 2296HH HF 394 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Eligibility Human Services
01/21/2023 1985HH HF 209 Double Up Food Bucks, Appropriation Appropriations
Human Services
01/18/2023 1919HH HF 371 Veterans, Housing Assistance Health
Human Services
01/05/2023 1664HH HF 598 Iowa-Grown Food Tax Credit and Speciality Crops Agriculture
12/15/2022 1457HH HF 156 Urban Food Production, Property Tax Exemption Agriculture
12/06/2022 1355HH HF 62 Chemicals in Manufactured Products, Prohibitions Business and Commerce
Environmental Protection
12/02/2022 1291HH HF 18 Private Well Testing Requirements Environmental Protection
12/02/2022 1293HH HF 32 Natural Resources Education and Recreation for Youth Education
Natural Resources
11/21/2022 1161HH HF 49 Environmental Justice Strategy and Plan Environmental Protection
11/13/2022 1109HH HF 70 Solar Energy Conversion Facility Tax Credit Infrastructure
11/12/2022 1108HH HJR 10 Clean Environment, Constitutional Amendment Environmental Protection
Government Entities