Bill Requests By Representative Wolfe, Mary Lynn, House

Representative Wolfe, Mary Lynn, House

Received LSB # Bill # Working Title Category
02/12/2021 2708HH HF 537 Bankruptcy Exemption, Weapons Civil Law
02/04/2021 2492HH HF 450 Domestic Abuse, Consent Decrees Civil Law
01/28/2021 2398HH HF 473 Unemployment Benefits, Waiver of Reimbursement Labor and Employment
01/13/2021 2124HH HF 102 Plain Error Doctrine Civil Law
Criminal Law
12/21/2020 1838HH Vote Recount Elections and Politics
12/08/2020 1603HH HF 38 Juvenile Records, Sealing Criminal Law
11/23/2020 1300HH HF 70 Domestic Relationships Civil Law
11/23/2020 1305HH HF 206 Mandatory Minimum Sentences Criminal Law