Bill Requests By Representative Anderson, Marti, House

Representative Anderson, Marti, House

Received LSB # Bill # Working Title Category
02/04/2021 2488HH HF 519 Electoral Votes Elections and Politics
01/08/2021 2023HH Nuclear Weapons Government Entities
12/29/2020 1060HH HF 471 Natural Hairstyle Discrimination Business and Commerce
Civil Law
12/15/2020 1756HH Voting Accommodation, Blind and Visually Impaired Citizens Elections and Politics
12/09/2020 1683HH HF 472 Victim Restitution Fund Criminal Law
12/06/2020 1526HH HF 275 Worker Sick and Safe Time Labor and Employment
12/06/2020 1527HH HF 168 Crude Oil Disaster Prevention and Response Fee Environmental Protection
12/05/2020 1524HH HF 175 Pregnancy and Childbirth, Reasonable Employment Accommodations Civil Law
Labor and Employment
12/02/2020 1463HH HF 181 Rehabilitation and Reduction of Recidivism in Iowa Corrections Criminal Law
12/02/2020 1465HH HF 174 Domestic Assault, Intimate Partners Criminal Law