Bill Requests By Representative Wolfe, Mary Lynn, House

Representative Wolfe, Mary Lynn, House

Received LSB # Bill # Working Title Category
01/23/2020 6137HH HF 2181 License Suspension, Passing a School Bus Transportation
01/14/2020 5825HH Stalking and Harassment, No Contact Orders Criminal Law
01/09/2020 5737HH HF 2040 Bicycle Safety Transportation
11/01/2019 5238HH HF 2012 Aggravated Offenses, Sex Offender Registry Criminal Law
09/25/2019 5174HH Department of Transportation Civil Penalty, Collection Civil Law
09/21/2019 5154HH Communications by Arrested Persons Criminal Law
09/16/2019 5153HH HF 2006 Driver's License Suspension, Child Support Civil Law
09/16/2019 5147HH HF 2557 Mandatory Minimum Sentences, Certain Felonies Criminal Law
09/05/2019 5061HH HF 2015 Operating While Intoxicated, Fines Criminal Law
09/05/2019 5066HH HF 2039 Operating While Intoxicated, License Revocations, Unpaid Fines Criminal Law
08/30/2019 5099HH HF 2016 Operating While Intoxicated, Ignition Interlocks Business and Commerce
08/12/2019 5113HH Driver's License, Revocation Transportation
08/12/2019 5090HH HF 2152 Domestic Abuse, Expunging Dismissals Civil Law