Bill Requests By Representative Thorup, Jon, House

Representative Thorup, Jon, House

Received LSB # Bill # Working Title Category
01/23/2020 6065HH HF 2319 Fire Districts Local Government
01/20/2020 5958HH HF 2333 Counselor Confidentiality Civil Law
01/20/2020 5960HH HF 2318 Statewide Mutual Aid Compact Local Government
01/20/2020 5962HH HF 2334 Children in Disasters Human Services
12/25/2019 5630HH Teacher Liability, Student Discipline Education
12/25/2019 5631HH Peace Officers, Maximum Age Labor and Employment
12/25/2019 5632HH Department of Transportation, Compensatory Hours Labor and Employment
12/16/2019 5544HH HF 2320 Travel Claims Government Entities
Labor and Employment
12/08/2019 5475HH HF 2321 Emergency Contact Information, Drivers Records and Publications