Bill Requests By Representative Jacobsen, Jon A., House

Representative Jacobsen, Jon A., House

Received LSB # Bill # Working Title Category
01/24/2020 6273HH HF 2349 Deaf Children, Language Equality and Acquisition Task Force Education
01/23/2020 6082HH Taxation Taxation
01/23/2020 6083HH HF 2354 Honoraria Government Entities
01/23/2020 6084HH HJR 2003 Gubernatorial Line of Succession, Constitutional Amendment Government Entities
01/23/2020 6085HH HF 2352 Personal Injuries, Viable Fetus Civil Law
01/23/2020 6086HH HF 2368 Administrative Rules Government Entities
01/23/2020 6087HH HF 2353 Honoraria Government Entities
10/23/2019 5180HH HJR 2002 General Assembly Biennial Sessions Government Entities
10/23/2019 5040HH HF 2356 Coast Guard, Employment Protection Labor and Employment