May 30, 202388GA
Bill History for House Resolution 27
By Isenhart, Thede, Ourth, Jacoby, McKean, Staed, Forbes, Bennett, Kressig, Donahue, Kurtz, Kurth, Kacena, Gaskill, Hunter, Mascher, Anderson, Winckler, Lensing, Cohoon, Wolfe, Williams, Steckman, Mcconkey, James, Olson, Sunde, Derry, Matson, Wessel-Kroeschell, Brown-Powers, Heddens, Gaines, Ehlert, Konfrst, Meyer, B, Oldson and Hall
A resolution of the Iowa General Assembly, on the occasion of Earth Day, 2019, recognizing the threat of climate change and committing to necessary and appropriate legislative action to improve air quality, combat climate change, mitigate its effects, and position our economy for sustainable growth and job creation.
April 24, 2019 Laid over under Rule 25. H.J. 1014.
December 31, 2019 * * * * * END OF 2019 ACTIONS * * * * *