August 17, 202288GA
Bill History for House Resolution 110
By Mommsen, Wolfe, Kurth, Winckler, Meyer, B, Konfrst, Fisher, Kressig, Carlson, Best, Gerhold, Running-Marquardt, Hall, Oldson, Cohoon, Steckman, Smith, M., Nielsen, Jacoby, Mcconkey, Forbes, Bearinger, Wilburn, Thorup, Isenhart, Wessel-Kroeschell, Olson, Kaufmann, Staed, Kurtz, Sieck, Ehlert, Shipley, Mohr and Maxwell
A resolution recognizing the importance of Minor League Baseball in Iowa and demanding that Major League Baseball abandon its efforts to eliminate Major League Baseball parent-club affiliation with certain franchises located in Iowa.
March 11, 2020 Laid over under Rule 25. H.J. 590.