May 30, 202388GA
Bill History for House File 2605
By Prichard, Mcconkey, Hunter, Mascher, Oldson, Steckman, Thede, McKean, Meyer, B, Cohoon, Gaskill, Wolfe, Donahue, Winckler, Staed, James, Judge, Kurtz, Bearinger, Forbes, Bennett, Running-Marquardt, Breckenridge, Hall, Williams, Kacena, Wilburn, Smith, R., Nielsen, Abdul-Samad, Kressig, Brown-Powers, Olson, Sunde, Wessel-Kroeschell, Matson, Derry, Ehlert and Gaines
A bill for an act relating to the connecting Iowa farms, schools, and communities broadband grant fund and making appropriations.
March 05, 2020 Introduced, referred to Appropriations. H.J. 489.