February 26, 202488GA
Bill History for House File 2578
By Running-Marquardt, Steckman, Meyer, B, Anderson, Cohoon, Konfrst, Donahue, Gaskill, Derry, Winckler, Kurth, Judge, Wilburn, Hunter, Kurtz, Forbes, Nielsen, Abdul-Samad, Bearinger, Wolfe, Isenhart, Sunde, Matson, Wessel-Kroeschell, Lensing, Mascher, Brown-Powers, Ehlert, Gaines, Oldson, Bennett, Smith, R., Mcconkey, Kacena, Williams, Hall, Breckenridge and Ourth
A bill for an act establishing a small business revolving loan program and small business revolving loan fund within the economic development authority to award low-interest loans to eligible small businesses.
February 27, 2020 Introduced, referred to Appropriations. H.J. 398.