May 30, 202388GA
Bill History for House File 2465
By Prichard, Nielsen, Forbes, Ourth, Gaskill, James, Kurtz, Steckman, Judge, Bennett, Mascher, Derry, Lensing, Donahue, Kurth, Smith, M., Wolfe, Meyer, B, Oldson, Konfrst, Breckenridge, Staed, McKean, Hall, Hunter, Wilburn, Thede, Williams, Smith, R., Mcconkey, Isenhart, Abdul-Samad, Wessel-Kroeschell, Sunde, Matson, Bearinger, Brown-Powers, Kressig, Jacoby, Running-Marquardt, Kacena and Anderson
A bill for an act relating to pharmacy benefit managers and the cost of prescription drug benefits, and including applicability provisions.
February 20, 2020 Introduced, referred to Commerce. H.J. 314.