September 29, 202386GA
Bill History for House File 2240
Last Committee Assignment: Transportation
By Taylor, T., Thede, Kearns, Bearinger, Isenhart, Mcconkey, Hunter, Jacoby, Staed, Mascher, Smith, M., Ourth, Heddens, Gaskill, Abdul-Samad, Bennett, Lensing, Stutsman, Wessel-Kroeschell, Finkenauer, Miller, H., Olson, R., Hanson, Wolfe, Anderson, Gaines, Kressig, Brown-Powers, Kelley, Hall and Dawson
A bill for an act relating to the construction and maintenance of walkways in rail yards, and providing a penalty.
February 11, 2016 Introduced, referred to Transportation. H.J. 208.