April 19, 202486GA
Bill History for House File 2138
Last Committee Assignment: Education
By Staed, Hanson, Hunter, Isenhart, Gaines, Wolfe, Thede, Mascher, Kearns, Ourth, Prichard, Abdul-Samad, Taylor, T., Gaskill, Stutsman, Winckler, Lensing, Kelley, Dunkel, Dawson and Mcconkey
A bill for an act requiring each area education agency to employ a dyslexia specialist, subject to an appropriation by the general assembly.
February 02, 2016 Introduced, referred to Education. H.J. 155.
February 03, 2016 Subcommittee, Highfill, T. Moore, and Staed. H.J. 160.