August 17, 202285GA
Bill History for House File 2055
Last Committee Assignment: Education
By Riding, Landon, Abdul-Samad, Gaines, Gaskill, Heartsill, Lensing, Staed, Vander Linden, Muhlbauer, Kearns and Sheets
A bill for an act relating to Iowa's public records Act and library records of a minor.
January 23, 2014 Introduced, referred to Education. H.J. 102.
January 28, 2014 Subcommittee, Salmon, Abdul-Samad, and Fry. H.J. 119.
February 03, 2014 Sponsor withdrawn, Lensing. H.J. 141.
February 04, 2014 Passed subcommittee.
February 10, 2014 Sponsor withdrawn, Staed. H.J. 194.