May 27, 202283GA
Bill History for House File 2118
Last Committee Assignment: State Government
By Schulte, May, Windschitl, Miller, L., Rayhons, Drake, Hagenow, Wagner, Soderberg, Deyoe, Watts, Raecker, Sweeney, Chambers, Huseman, Alons, Koester, Forristall, Olson, S., Sands, Dolecheck, Upmeyer, Paulsen and Grassley
A bill for an act requiring state employees to pay a portion of health insurance premium costs and including applicability provisions.
January 21, 2010 Introduced, referred to State Government. H.J. 138.
January 25, 2010 Subcommittee, Lensing, Isenhart, and Pettengill. H.J. 153.