May 20, 202482GA
Bill History for House Resolution 10
By Ford, Berry, Abdul-Samad, Mccarthy, Miller, H., Hunter, Taylor, T., Jochum, Smith, M., Wise, Foege, Taylor, D., Cohoon, Murphy, Whitaker, Mertz, Reichert, Gaskill, Lykam, Dandekar, Wendt, Bell, Bukta, Frevert, Heddens, Pettengill, Kressig, Lensing, Winckler, Mascher, Reasoner, Bailey, Palmer, Huser, Davitt, Olson, D., Oldson, Jacoby, Schueller, Olson, T., Wenthe, Kelley, Quirk, Petersen, Shomshor, Gayman, Swaim, Kuhn, Paulsen, Struyk, Raecker, Anderson and Rants
A resolution honoring the National Bar Association for over eight decades of service to the cause of civil rights and equal justice for all.
February 01, 2007 Asked and received unanimous consent for the immediate consideration. H.J. 291.
February 01, 2007 Resolution adopted. H.J. 292.
December 31, 2007 * * * * * END OF 2007 ACTIONS * * * * *