August 13, 202282GA
Bill History for House File 2146
By Bailey, Kelley, Smith, Reichert, Foege, Tomenga, Horbach, May, Zirkelbach, Miller, L., Rayhons, Heaton, Gayman, Gaskill, Swaim, Frevert, Abdul-Samad, Quirk, Schueller, Clute, Tjepkes, Van Fossen, J., Baudler, Gipp, Pettengill, Wenthe, Jacoby, Taylor, D., Dolecheck, Granzow, Soderberg, Sands, Schickel, Hoffman, Dandekar, Berry, Bukta and Petersen
A bill for An Act adding personal finance skills and literacy requirements to the education programs school districts and accredited nonpublic schools must offer.
February 01, 2008 Introduced, referred to Commerce. H.J. 179.
February 06, 2008 Subcommittee, Bailey, Berry, Sands, Van Fossen, and Wise. H.J. 215.