March 4, 202482GA
Bill History for House File 2037
By Kaufmann, Tomenga, Grassley, Tymeson, Boal, May, Clute, Watts, Worthan, Chambers, Granzow, De Boef, Huseman, Upmeyer, Wiencek, Raecker, Rayhons, Anderson, Hoffman, Greiner, Pettengill, Drake, Forristall, Heaton, Paulsen, Struyk, Tjepkes, Soderberg, Sands, Schickel, Jacobs, Miller, L., Alons, Dolecheck, Baudler, Rasmussen, Van Engelenhoven, Arnold, Horbach, Van Fossen, J., Windschitl and Roberts
A bill for an act exempting active duty pay of members of the armed forces military reserve and national guard and including a retroactive applicability date provision.
January 16, 2008 Introduced, referred to Veterans Affairs. H.J. 51.
February 21, 2008 Subcommittee, Zirkelbach, Tymeson, and Whitead. H.J. 370.