February 22, 202082GA
Bill History for House File 176
By Tymeson, Drake, Boal, Dolecheck, Alons, Tomenga, Forristall, Miller, L., Grassley, Olson, S., Paulsen, Wiencek, Heaton, Lukan, Tjepkes, De Boef, Jacobs, Chambers, Huseman, Van Fossen, J., Raecker, Roberts, Soderberg, Worthan, Clute, Rasmussen, Baudler, Kaufmann, Rayhons, May, Windschitl, Gipp, Rants, Horbach, Watts, Deyoe, Upmeyer, Greiner, Sands, Hoffman, Van Engelenhoven, Arnold, Granzow, Schickel, Anderson and Struyk
A bill for an act revising appropriations for certain veterans' programs for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2006, and providing an effective date.
February 01, 2007 Introduced, referred to Appropriations. H.J. 287.
February 07, 2007 Subcommittee, Cohoon, Alons, and Kuhn. H.J. 370.
December 31, 2007 * * * * * END OF 2007 ACTIONS * * * * *