December 4, 202281GA
Bill History for Senate Resolution 150
Floor Managers:Beall
By Beall, Warnstadt, Connolly, Ragan, Hatch, Danielson, Dotzler, Dvorsky, Horn, Wood, Seng, Kreiman, Dearden, Rielly, Hancock, Schoenjahn, Fraise, Courtney, Quirmbach, Kibbie, Bolkcom, Stewart, D. Johnson, Mulder, Behn, Zaun, Ward and Putney
A resolution requesting that the United States Postal Service issue a commemorative stamp honoring Iowa composer Karl L. King.
April 03, 2006 Resolution filed, referred to Rules & Administration. S.J. 762.
April 03, 2006 Subcommittee, Gronstal, Iverson, Kibbie, and Lamberti. S.J. 763.
April 10, 2006 Committee report, recommending passage. S.J. 852.
April 11, 2006 Resolution adopted. S.J. 857.