April 20, 202481GA
Bill History for Senate File 107
By Bolkcom, Dearden, Dvorsky, Kreiman, Fraise, Ragan, Wood, Connolly, Quirmbach, Kibbie, Beall, Lundby and Seng
A bill for an act relating to recycling by providing for the acceptance of empty beverage containers by dealers of beverages, increasing the reimbursement amount paid by a distributor for empty beverage containers, providing a property tax exemption for glass recyclers, and providing civil penalties.
February 03, 2005 Introduced, referred to Natural Resources and Environment. S.J. 191.
March 01, 2005 Subcommittee, Putney, Schoenjahn, Hancock, and Kettering. S.J. 374.
January 09, 2006 * * * * * END OF 2005 ACTIONS * * * * *