December 2, 202281GA
Bill History for House File 2548
By Murphy, Kuhn, Gaskill, Frevert, Jochum, Whitead, Ford, Olson, D., Bukta, Wendt, Shomshor, Whitaker, Heddens, Wise, Reichert, Reasoner, Shoultz, Taylor, Davitt, Bell, Foege, Cohoon, Young, Hunter, Thomas, Pettengill, Taylor, D., Jacoby, Lykam, Miller, H., Swaim, Lensing, Wessel-Kroeschell and Winckler
A bill for an act relating to the formulation of motor vehicle fuel, by providing for ethanol blended gasoline, providing for the promotion of ethanol blended gasoline and biodiesel and biodiesel blended gasoline, providing tax incentives, providing incentives for infrastructure used to store and dispense E-85 gasoline, making appropriations, providing penalties, and providing retroactive applicability and effective dates.
February 27, 2006 Introduced, referred to Agriculture. H.J. 400.