December 8, 202390GA
Bill History for House File 9
By Wheeler, Holt, Stone, Gustoff, Collins, Moore, Jeneary, Carlson, Vondran, Golding, Stoltenberg, Fisher, Dunwell, Kniff McCulla, Meggers, Wulf, Shipley, Sherman, Bradley, Johnson, Graber, Deyoe, Nordman, Wills, Gustafson, Thompson, Boden, Gehlbach, Kaufmann, Fry, Andrews, Young, Thomson, Henderson, Hora, Osmundson, Windschitl, Grassley and Gerhold
A bill for an act relating to parental and guardian consent and information regarding the gender identity of students enrolled in a school district or charter school.(See HF 180.)
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January 11, 2023 Introduced, referred to Education. H.J. 58.
January 12, 2023 Subcommittee: Wheeler, Boden and Steckman. H.J. 95.
January 30, 2023 Subcommittee Meeting: 01/31/2023 12:30PM RM 19.
January 31, 2023 Subcommittee recommends passage. Vote Total: 2-1.
January 31, 2023 Committee report, recommending passage. H.J. 230.
February 01, 2023 Committee report approving bill, renumbered as HF 180.