January 28, 202289GA
Bill History for Senate File 186
Enhanced Bill History
By Mathis, Wahls, Giddens, Ragan, Lykam, Boulton, Taylor, T., Jochum, Trone Garriott and Smith, J.
A bill for an act making an appropriation to the department of workforce development for deposit in the Iowa employer innovation fund and requiring a transfer of a portion of the moneys to the Iowa child care challenge fund.
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January 28, 2021 Introduced, referred to Labor and Business Relations. S.J. 196.
February 01, 2021 Subcommittee: Schultz, Brown, and Jochum. S.J. 207.
December 31, 2021 * * * * * END OF 2021 ACTIONS * * * * *