October 27, 202189GA
Bill History for House File 841
Enhanced Bill History
By Bloomingdale, Gerhold, Thompson and Hite
A bill for an act increasing the size of an estate exempt from the state inheritance tax, and establishing a future repeal of the state inheritance tax.
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March 17, 2021 Introduced, referred to Ways and Means. H.J. 743.
March 18, 2021 Subcommittee: Bloomingdale, Hite and Jacoby. H.J. 756.
March 29, 2021 Subcommittee Meeting: 03/29/2021 12:30PM House Lounge 2 .
March 29, 2021 Subcommittee recommends amendment and passage. Vote Total: 3-0
April 13, 2021 Fiscal note.