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Bill History for House File 411
Enhanced Bill History
By Winckler, Mascher, Lensing, Kurth, Thede, Nielsen, Hunter, Breckenridge, Kacena, Jacoby, Steckman, Anderson, Kearns, Taylor, T., Ourth, Hanson, Bearinger, Gaskill, Wolfe, Staed, Brown-Powers, Forbes, Heddens, Cohoon and Prichard
A bill for an act authorizing the school budget review committee to grant supplemental aid or establish a modified supplemental amount for a school district with an unusual increase in students eligible for free and reduced price meals and including applicability provisions.
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February 23, 2017 Introduced, referred to Education. H.J. 456.
December 31, 2017 * * * * * END OF 2017 ACTIONS * * * * *