October 17, 202186GA
Bill History for House File 2199
Enhanced Bill History
By Heddens, Ourth, Hunter, Mcconkey, Cohoon, Kearns, Olson, R., Steckman, Kressig, Lykam, Forbes, Staed, Stutsman, Thede, Jacoby, Smith, M., Taylor, T., Prichard, Gaskill, Abdul-Samad, Bennett, Lensing, Wessel-Kroeschell, Finkenauer, Miller, H., Hanson, Wolfe, Anderson, Ruff, Gaines, Brown-Powers, Kelley, Mascher, Dawson, Bearinger, Oldson, Hall, Dunkel, Running-Marquardt, Winckler, Berry and Isenhart
A bill for an act relating to Medicaid program improvement, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.
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February 08, 2016 Introduced, referred to Human Resources. H.J. 177.