January 23, 202185GA
Bill History for Senate File 71
Enhanced Bill History
By Black, Taylor, Mathis, Seng, Hatch, Dvorsky, Sodders, Petersen, Schoenjahn, McCoy, Quirmbach, Wilhelm, Dotzler, Gronstal, Jochum, Hogg, Hart, Dearden, Beall, Ragan, Bolkcom, Courtney, Brase and Horn
A bill for an act relating to integrated care models for the delivery of health care, including but not limited to required utilization of a medical home by individuals currently and newly eligible for coverage under the Medicaid program and including effective date provisions. (See SF 296.)
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January 29, 2013 Introduced, referred to Human Resources. S.J. 134.
January 29, 2013 Subcommittee, Jochum, Boettger, and Hatch. S.J. 142.
December 31, 2013 * * * * * END OF 2013 ACTIONS * * * * *