April 2, 202085GA
Bill History for House File 2238
Enhanced Bill History
By Steckman, Murphy, Prichard, Staed, Stutsman, Lensing, Hanson, Wessel-Kroeschell, Miller, H., Dawson, Koester, Mascher, Wood, Muhlbauer, Cohoon, Abdul-Samad, Wolfe, Bearinger, Ourth, Kearns, Anderson, Heddens, Lykam, Smith, M., Riding, Winckler, Jacoby, Dunkel, Oldson, Kajtazovic, Thede, Lundby, Gaskill and Gaines
A bill for an act including children who have been subjected to human trafficking in child in need of assistance provisions under the juvenile justice code.
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February 12, 2014 Introduced, referred to Judiciary. H.J. 227.