February 29, 202485GA
Bill History for House File 129
By Thomas, Murphy, Steckman, Running-Marquardt, Hall, Gaskill, Abdul-Samad, Ourth, Gaines, Hanson, Jacoby, Lensing, Stutsman, Kelley, Muhlbauer, Forbes, Dunkel, Riding, Miller, H., Anderson, Kajtazovic, Wessel-Kroeschell, Winckler, Lykam, Cohoon, Smith, M., Mascher, Taylor, T., Kressig, Wolfe, Staed, Kearns, Bearinger and Heddens
A bill for an act relating to employee stock ownership plans by making an appropriation to provide assistance, promotion, and education to interested businesses and to obtain the services of an expert in employee stock ownership plans.
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February 04, 2013 Introduced, referred to Judiciary. H.J. 165.
February 11, 2013 Rereferred to Economic Growth. H.J. 256.
March 05, 2013 Subcommittee, Moore, Gaskill, and R. Taylor. H.J. 411.
December 31, 2013 * * * * * END OF 2013 ACTIONS * * * * *