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Bill History for House File 2
Enhanced Bill History
By Upmeyer, Miller, L., Heaton, Schulte, Pettengill, Alons, De Boef, Hagenow, Raecker, Olson, S., Paustian, Chambers, Iverson, Sands, Windschitl, Deyoe, Watts, Tjepkes, Schultz, Anderson, Huseman, Lukan, Moore, Forristall, Rayhons, Drake, Wagner, Helland, Paulsen, Fry, Cownie, Baltimore, Soderberg, Vander Linden, Hanusa, Worthan, Koester, Jorgensen, Dolecheck, Klein, Smith, J. and Sweeney
A bill for an act establishing the right to choose whether to purchase health care. (See Cmte. Bill HF 111)
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January 11, 2011 Introduced, referred to Commerce. H.J. 56.
January 13, 2011 Subcommittee, Horbach, Pettengill, and Quirk. H.J. 83.
December 31, 2011 * * * * * END OF 2011 ACTIONS * * * * *