September 29, 202282GA
Bill History for Senate File 1
Enhanced Bill History
By Dearden, Appel, Beall, Black, Bolkcom, Connolly, Courtney, Danielson, Dotzler, Dvorsky, Fraise, Gronstal, Hancock, Hatch, Heckroth, Hogg, Horn, Kibbie, Kreiman, McCoy, Olive, Quirmbach, Ragan, Rielly, Schmitz, Schoenjahn, Seng, Stewart, Warnstadt and Wood
A bill for an act relating to the state minimum hourly wage rate, indexing the rate for inflation, and providing an effective date.
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January 08, 2007 Introduced, referred to Labor and Business Relations. S.J. 18.
January 08, 2007 Subcommittee, Courtney, Dearden, Dvorsky, Ward, and Wieck. S.J. 43.
December 31, 2007 * * * * * END OF 2007 ACTIONS * * * * *