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Bill History for House File 24
Enhanced Bill History
By Dolecheck, Deyoe, Alons, Windschitl, Sands, Rayhons, Hoffman, Soderberg, Worthan, Baudler, Struyk, Watts, Heaton, Tjepkes, Lukan, Grassley, Kaufmann, Chambers, Huseman, Tymeson, Roberts, Drake, Quirk, May, Olson, S., Clute, Tomenga, Jacoby, Boal, De Boef and Frevert
A bill for an act concerning preference for state employment for nonresident veterans.
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January 16, 2007 Introduced, referred to Veterans Affairs. H.J. 106.
December 31, 2007 * * * * * END OF 2007 ACTIONS * * * * *