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Bill History for House File 2102
Enhanced Bill History
By Boal, Wiencek, Baudler, Jacobs, Grassley, Lukan, De Boef, Deyoe, Pettengill, Drake, Upmeyer, Paulsen, Raecker, Sands, Olson, S., Horbach, Tymeson, Watts, Kaufmann, Tomenga, Struyk, Windschitl, Van Fossen, J., Rasmussen, Arnold, Worthan, Alons, Soderberg, Forristall, Miller, L., Tjepkes, Heaton, Rayhons, Chambers, Van Engelenhoven and Huseman
A bill for an act relating to a property assessment adjustment for certain elderly persons, providing a penalty, and including retroactive applicability date provisions.
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January 30, 2008 Introduced, referred to Ways & Means. H.J. 149.