June 2, 202381GA
Bill History for House File 2104
By Petersen, Wendt, Whitead, Hunter, Gaskill, Whitaker, Cohoon, Young, Shomshor, Jacoby, Ford, Wise, Bukta, Foege, Schueller, Winckler, Lensing, Pettengill, Wessel-Kroeschell, Oldson, Kressig, Quirk, Olson, D., Smith, Mascher, Jochum, Kuhn, Swaim, Dandekar, Berry, Reichert, Davitt, Mertz and Murphy
A bill for an act prohibiting the sale or rental of violent or sexually explicit video games to minors and providing for civil and criminal penalties.
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January 24, 2006 Introduced, referred to State Government. H.J. 118.
January 24, 2006 Rereferred to Judiciary. H.J. 122.
January 26, 2006 Subcommittee, J.R. Van Fossen, Heaton, and Winckler. H.J. 148.
February 08, 2006 Rereferred to Public Safety. H.J. 241.
February 15, 2006 Subcommittee, Baudler, Chambers, and Reasoner. H.J. 311.
February 20, 2006 Subcommittee reassigned, Sands, Chambers, and Reasoner. H.J. 329.