June 10, 202381GA
Bill History for House File 2085
By Kurtenbach, Paulsen, Olson, S., Sands, Boal, Elgin, Van Fossen, J., Dolecheck, Jones, Chambers, May, Schickel, Carroll, Alons, Jacobs, Heaton, Drake, Rayhons, Hoffman, Greiner, Maddox, Whitaker, Eichhorn, Granzow, Hutter, De Boef, Baudler, Huseman, Tjepkes, Anderson, Watts, Tymeson, Upmeyer, Soderberg, Kaufmann, Huser, Struyk, Dandekar, Lalk, Swaim, Schueller and Thomas
A bill for an act relating to the state of Iowa scholarship program administered by the college student aid commission and providing an effective date. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2161)
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January 19, 2006 Introduced, referred to Education. H.J. 96.
January 20, 2006 Subcommittee, Kaufmann, Chambers, and Winckler. H.J. 108.
February 22, 2006 Withdrawn. H.J. 358.