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Bill History for Senate File 2111
Enhanced Bill History
By Beall, Warnstadt, Quirmbach, Seng, Dotzler, Hatch, Courtney, Holveck, McCoy, Kibbie, Gronstal, Connolly, Dvorsky, Stewart, Ragan, Kreiman, Horn, Putney, Shull and Kettering
A bill for an act relating to the filing of a claim for military service tax exemptions by members of the reserved forces of the United States and Iowa national guard who are ordered to active duty and including effective and applicability date provisions.
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February 12, 2004 Introduced, referred to Ways & Means. S.J. 223.
February 17, 2004 Subcommittee, Rehberg, Quirmbach, and Wieck. S.J. 245.