June 2, 202380GA
Bill History for House File 37
By Struyk, Reasoner, Thomas, Murphy, Oldson, Whitead, Smith, Lykam, Quirk, Olson, D., Myers, Bukta, Mascher, Connors, Kuhn, Greimann, Foege, Osterhaus, Wendt, Mertz, Frevert, Winckler, Cohoon, Lensing, Stevens, Miller, H., Petersen, Berry, Gaskill, Jochum, Swaim, Young, Whitaker, Ford and Mccarthy
A bill for an act relating to the allowance of and reimbursement for the homestead, agricultural land, military service, and elderly and disabled property tax credits, making appropriations, and providing an effective date.
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January 21, 2003 Introduced, referred to Ways & Means. H.J. 104.
December 31, 2003 * * * * * END OF 2003 ACTIONS * * * * *