January 19, 201987GA
Bill History for Senate Study Bill 3004
A bill for an act relating to a no-deductible copayment structure for an entire prescription drug benefit, including all formulary tiers, in a specified percentage of individual, group, and small group insurance contracts, policies, and plans offered in the state by health carriers.
January 10, 2018 Subcommittee: Segebart, Garrett, and Jochum.
January 22, 2018 Subcommittee Meeting: 01/22/2018 1:30PM RM 315 (Cancelled)
January 22, 2018 Subcommittee reassigned: Greene, Garrett, and Jochum.
February 08, 2018 Subcommittee Meeting: 02/08/2018 1:30PM RM 315 (Cancelled)
February 12, 2018 Subcommittee Meeting: 02/14/2018 12:30PM RM 315 (Cancelled)
February 14, 2018 Subcommittee recommends amendment and passage.