Iowa Code - 2015

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Chapter 523I - IOWA CEMETERY ACT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§523I.101 - Short title. PDF RTF
§523I.102 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§523I.103 - Applicability of chapter. PDF RTF
§523I.201 - Administration. PDF RTF
§523I.202 - Investigations and subpoenas. PDF RTF
§523I.203 - Cease and desist orders — injunctions. PDF RTF
§523I.204 - Court action for failure to cooperate. PDF RTF
§523I.205 - Prosecution for violations of law — civil penalties. PDF RTF
§523I.206 - Cooperation with other agencies. PDF RTF
§523I.207 - Rules, forms, and orders. PDF RTF
§523I.208 - Date of filing — interpretive opinions. PDF RTF
§523I.209 - Misleading filings. PDF RTF
§523I.210 - Misrepresentations of government approval. PDF RTF
§523I.211 - Fraudulent practices. PDF RTF
§523I.212 - Receiverships. PDF RTF
§523I.213 - Insurance division’s enforcement fund. PDF RTF
§523I.213A - Examinations — authority and scope. PDF RTF
§523I.213B - Venue. PDF RTF
§523I.214 - Violations of law — referrals to the Iowa department of public health. PDF RTF
§523I.301 - Disclosure requirements — prices and fees. PDF RTF
§523I.302 - Installation of outer burial containers. PDF RTF
§523I.303 - Access by funeral directors. PDF RTF
§523I.304 - Rulemaking and enforcement. PDF RTF
§523I.305 - Memorials and memorialization. PDF RTF
§523I.306 - Commission or bonus unlawful. PDF RTF
§523I.307 - Discrimination prohibited. PDF RTF
§523I.308 - Speculation prohibited. PDF RTF
§523I.309 - Interment, relocation, or disinterment of remains. PDF RTF
§523I.310 - Sale of interment rights. PDF RTF
§523I.311 - Records of interment rights and interment. PDF RTF
§523I.312 - Disclosure requirements — interment agreements. PDF RTF
§523I.313 - New cemeteries and gardens and cemetery registry. PDF RTF
§523I.314 - New construction. PDF RTF
§523I.314A - Standards for interment spaces. PDF RTF
§523I.315 - Unpaid care assessments and unoccupied interment spaces. PDF RTF
§523I.316 - Protection of cemeteries and burial sites. PDF RTF
§523I.317 - Duty to provide public access. PDF RTF
§523I.401 - Neglected cemeteries. PDF RTF
§523I.402 - Removal of remains. PDF RTF
§523I.501 - Cemetery authorized. PDF RTF
§523I.502 - Trust for cemetery. PDF RTF
§523I.503 - Authority to receive gifts and deposits for care — certificates. PDF RTF
§523I.504 - Appointment of successor trustee. PDF RTF
§523I.505 - County auditor as trustee. PDF RTF
§523I.506 - Commingling of care funds by governmental subdivisions. PDF RTF
§523I.507 - Investment of care funds by governmental subdivisions. PDF RTF
§523I.508 - Management by governmental subdivisions. PDF RTF
§523I.601 - Settlement of estates — maintenance fund. PDF RTF
§523I.602 - Management by trustee. PDF RTF
§523I.603 - Owners of interment rights. PDF RTF
§523I.604 - Lien against cemetery property. PDF RTF
§523I.605 - Private care of graves. PDF RTF
§523I.701 - Requirements for lawn crypts. PDF RTF
§523I.702 - Request to install lawn crypts in fewer than ten units. PDF RTF
§523I.801 - Applicability and conversion by nonperpetual care cemeteries. PDF RTF
§523I.802 - Advertising. PDF RTF
§523I.803 - Perpetual care registry. PDF RTF
§523I.804 - Use of gift for special care. PDF RTF
§523I.805 - Initial deposit. PDF RTF
§523I.806 - Irrevocable trust. PDF RTF
§523I.807 - Care fund deposits. PDF RTF
§523I.808 - Examination fee. PDF RTF
§523I.809 - Trust agreement provisions. PDF RTF
§523I.810 - Care funds. PDF RTF
§523I.811 - Use of distributions from care fund. PDF RTF
§523I.812 - Suit by commissioner. PDF RTF
§523I.813 - Annual report by perpetual care cemeteries. PDF RTF
§523I.814 - Unified annual reports. PDF RTF