Iowa Code - 2019

Title XIII - COMMERCE | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 522E - SALE OF PORTABLE ELECTRONICS INSURANCE PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§522E.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§522E.2 - Licensure required. PDF RTF
§522E.3 - Portable electronics insurance license. PDF RTF
§522E.4 - Application and fees. PDF RTF
§522E.5 - License renewal. PDF RTF
§522E.6 - Endorsee requirements. PDF RTF
§522E.7 - Endorsee conduct. PDF RTF
§522E.8 - Violations and penalties. PDF RTF
§522E.9 - Requirements at time of sale. PDF RTF
§522E.10 - Charges and collection of moneys. PDF RTF
§522E.11 - Other restrictions. PDF RTF
§522E.12 - Policy forms. PDF RTF
§522E.13 - Portable electronics insurance policy — changes — termination. PDF RTF
§522E.14 - Rules. PDF RTF
§522E.15 - Application of other law. PDF RTF