Iowa Code - 2016

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Chapter 486A - UNIFORM PARTNERSHIP ACT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§486A.101 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§486A.102 - Knowledge and notice. PDF RTF
§486A.103 - Effect of partnership agreement — nonwaivable provisions. PDF RTF
§486A.104 - Supplemental principles of law. PDF RTF
§486A.105 - Execution, filing, and recording of statements. PDF RTF
§486A.106 - Governing law. PDF RTF
§486A.107 - Partnership subject to amendment or repeal of chapter. PDF RTF
§486A.201 - Partnership as entity. PDF RTF
§486A.202 - Formation of partnership. PDF RTF
§486A.203 - Partnership property. PDF RTF
§486A.204 - When property is partnership property. PDF RTF
§486A.301 - Partner agent of partnership. PDF RTF
§486A.302 - Transfer of partnership property. PDF RTF
§486A.303 - Statement of partnership authority. PDF RTF
§486A.304 - Statement of denial. PDF RTF
§486A.305 - Partnership liable for partner’s actionable conduct. PDF RTF
§486A.306 - Partner’s liability. PDF RTF
§486A.307 - Actions by and against partnership and partners. PDF RTF
§486A.308 - Liability of purported partner. PDF RTF
§486A.401 - Partner’s rights and duties. PDF RTF
§486A.402 - Distributions in kind. PDF RTF
§486A.403 - Partner’s rights and duties with respect to information. PDF RTF
§486A.404 - General standards of partner’s conduct. PDF RTF
§486A.405 - Actions by partnership and partners. PDF RTF
§486A.406 - Continuation of partnership beyond definite term or particular undertaking. PDF RTF
§486A.501 - Partner not co-owner of partnership property. PDF RTF
§486A.502 - Partner’s transferable interest in partnership. PDF RTF
§486A.503 - Transfer of partner’s transferable interest. PDF RTF
§486A.504 - Partner’s transferable interest subject to charging order. PDF RTF
§486A.601 - Events causing partner’s dissociation. PDF RTF
§486A.602 - Partner’s power to dissociate — wrongful dissociation. PDF RTF
§486A.603 - Effect of partner’s dissociation. PDF RTF
§486A.701 - Purchase of dissociated partner’s interest. PDF RTF
§486A.702 - Dissociated partner’s power to bind and liability to partnership. PDF RTF
§486A.703 - Dissociated partner’s liability to other persons. PDF RTF
§486A.704 - Statement of dissociation. PDF RTF
§486A.705 - Continued use of partnership name. PDF RTF
§486A.801 - Events causing dissolution and winding up of partnership business. PDF RTF
§486A.802 - Partnership continues after dissolution. PDF RTF
§486A.803 - Right to wind up partnership business. PDF RTF
§486A.804 - Partner’s power to bind partnership after dissolution. PDF RTF
§486A.805 - Statement of dissolution. PDF RTF
§486A.806 - Partner’s liability to other partners after dissolution. PDF RTF
§486A.807 - Settlement of accounts and contributions among partners. PDF RTF
§486A.901 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§486A.902 - Conversion of partnership to limited partnership. PDF RTF
§486A.903 - Conversion of limited partnership to partnership. PDF RTF
§486A.904 - Effect of conversion — entity unchanged. PDF RTF
§486A.905 - Merger of partnerships. PDF RTF
§486A.906 - Effect of merger. PDF RTF
§486A.907 - Statement of merger. PDF RTF
§486A.908 - Nonexclusive. PDF RTF
§486A.1001 - Statement of qualification. PDF RTF
§486A.1002 - Name. PDF RTF
§486A.1101 - Law governing foreign limited liability partnership. PDF RTF
§486A.1102 - Statement of foreign qualification. PDF RTF
§486A.1103 - Effect of failure to qualify. PDF RTF
§486A.1104 - Activities not constituting transacting business. PDF RTF
§486A.1105 - Action by attorney general. PDF RTF
§486A.1201 - Filing requirements. PDF RTF
§486A.1202 - Fees. PDF RTF
§486A.1203 - Effective time and date of documents. PDF RTF
§486A.1204 - Correcting filed documents. PDF RTF
§486A.1205 - Filing duty of secretary of state. PDF RTF
§486A.1206 - Appeal from secretary of state’s refusal to file document. PDF RTF
§486A.1207 - Evidentiary effect of copy of filed document. PDF RTF
§486A.1208 - Certificates issued by secretary of state. PDF RTF
§486A.1209 - Penalty for signing false document. PDF RTF
§486A.1210 - Secretary of state powers. PDF RTF
§486A.1211 - Registered office and registered agent. PDF RTF
§486A.1212 - Change of registered office or registered agent. PDF RTF
§486A.1213 - Resignation of registered agent. PDF RTF
§486A.1214 - Service on partnership. PDF RTF
§486A.1301 - Uniformity of application and construction. PDF RTF
§486A.1302 - Short title. PDF RTF