Iowa Code - 2019

Title IX - LOCAL GOVERNMENT | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 403A - MUNICIPAL HOUSING PROJECTS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§403A.1 - Short title. PDF RTF
§403A.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§403A.3 - Powers. PDF RTF
§403A.4 - Aid from federal government. PDF RTF
§403A.5 - Exercise of municipal housing powers — municipal housing agency. PDF RTF
§403A.6 - Operation of housing not for profit. PDF RTF
§403A.7 - Housing rentals and tenant admissions. PDF RTF
§403A.8 - Dwellings for disaster victims and defense workers. PDF RTF
§403A.9 - Cooperation between municipalities. PDF RTF
§403A.10 - Tax exemption and payments in lieu of taxes. PDF RTF
§403A.11 - Planning, zoning, and building laws — insulation requirements. PDF RTF
§403A.12 - Bonds. PDF RTF
§403A.13 - Form and sale of bonds. PDF RTF
§403A.14 - Provisions of bonds, trust indentures, and mortgages. PDF RTF
§403A.15 - Remedies of an obligee. PDF RTF
§403A.16 - Additional remedies conferrable by a municipality. PDF RTF
§403A.17 - Exemption of property from execution sale. PDF RTF
§403A.18 - Transfer of possession or title to federal government. PDF RTF
§403A.19 - Certificate of state auditor. PDF RTF
§403A.20 - Condemnation of property. PDF RTF
§403A.21 - Cooperation in undertaking housing projects. PDF RTF
§403A.22 - Personal interest prohibited. PDF RTF
§403A.23 - Eligibility of persons receiving public assistance. PDF RTF
§403A.24 - Chapter controlling. PDF RTF
§403A.25 PDF RTF
§403A.26 PDF RTF
§403A.27 - Percentage of rent as taxes. PDF RTF
§403A.28 - Public hearing required. PDF RTF