Iowa Administrative Code - 03/08/2023

Treasurer of State [781] | Agency Listing
Chapter 9 UNCLAIMED PROPERTY | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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781.9.1 Purpose.
781.9.2 Reserved.
781.9.3 Forms.
781.9.4 Definitions.
781.9.5 Dormancy fees and related charges.
781.9.6 Reporting and delivery of safe deposit box contents.
781.9.7 Reporting of stocks—non-freely transferable securities.
781.9.8 Reporting of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and other retirement accounts.
781.9.9 Reporting of certificates of deposit and other time deposits.
781.9.10 Indication of interest by an owner in a certificate of deposit or other time deposit.
781.9.11 Reporting of retained asset accounts.
781.9.12 Reporting of tax-advantaged college savings accounts.
781.9.13 Reporting of unused gift certificate balances.
781.9.14 Reserved
781.9.15 Reserved
781.9.16 Reserved
781.9.17 Reserved
781.9.18 Information required to be included in report.
781.9.19 Early reporting of unclaimed property.
781.9.20 Owner notification and holder due diligence.
781.9.21 Reporting aggregate amounts to the division.
781.9.22 Property held by a third party.
781.9.23 Regulation of finders.
781.9.24 Disposition of safe deposit box contents.
781.9.25 Filing of owner claims.
781.9.26 Documentation of claims by individuals.
781.9.27 Documentation of claims by business entities.
781.9.28 Claims for which the apparent owner of property is an unincorporated nonprofit association that has been dissolved.
781.9.29 Certification of entitlement by claimant.
781.9.30 Claims by holders for owner reimbursements.
781.9.31 Claims to custodial property under the Iowa UTMA or similar Acts.
781.9.32 Claim of another state to property in the custody of the treasurer of state.
781.9.33 Claimant interest in unclaimed property.
781.9.34 Approval of claims.
781.9.35 Process for payment of claims.
781.9.36 Surety bonds.
781.9.37 Examination of holders.
781.9.38 Estimation.
781.9.39 Appeal of examination findings.
781.9.40 Entering into contracts with contract auditors.
781.9.41 Guidelines.
781.9.42 Holder voluntary disclosure of unreported property.
781.9.43 Holder amnesty program.