Iowa Administrative Code - 05/05/2010

Treasurer of State [781] | Agency Listing
Chapter 3 DEPOSIT AND SECURITY OF PUBLIC FUNDS IN SAVINGS AND LOANS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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781.3.1 Scope and transition.
781.3.2 Definitions.
781.3.3 Forms.
781.3.4 Methods of securing uninsured public deposits in savings and loans.
781.3.5 Securing uninsured public deposits in savings and loans using a letter of credit.
781.3.6 Securing public funds in a savings and loan with a pledge of eligible collateral.
781.3.7 Duties of the approved custodian.
781.3.8 Termination of savings and loan’s federal insurance.
781.3.9 Sale or merger of a savings and loan.
781.3.10 Prohibition on ownership or control.
781.3.11 Procedures upon default.