Iowa Administrative Code - 11/06/2019

Transportation Department [761] | Agency Listing
Chapter 615 SANCTIONS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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761.615.1 Definitions.
761.615.2 Scope.
761.615.3 Information and address.
761.615.4 Denial for incapability.
761.615.5 Reserved
761.615.6 Reserved
761.615.7 Cancellations.
761.615.8 Reserved
761.615.9 Habitual offender.
761.615.10 Reserved
761.615.11 Periods of suspension or revocation.
761.615.12 Suspension of a habitually reckless or negligent driver.
761.615.13 Suspension of a habitual violator.
761.615.14 Suspension for incapability.
761.615.15 Suspension for unlawful use of a license.
761.615.16 Suspension for out-of-state offense.
761.615.17 Suspension for a serious violation.
761.615.18 Suspension under the nonresident violator compact.
761.615.19 Suspension for a charge of vehicular homicide.
761.615.20 Suspension for moving violation during driving probation.
761.615.21 Suspension of a minor’s school license and minor’s restricted license.
761.615.22 Suspension for nonpayment of fine, penalty, surcharge or court costs.
761.615.23 Suspensions for juveniles.
761.615.24 Suspension upon receipt of a certificate of noncompliance.
761.615.25 Suspension—driver’s license indebtedness clearance pilot project.
761.615.26 Suspension or revocation for violation of a license restriction.
761.615.27 Reserved
761.615.28 Reserved
761.615.29 Mandatory revocation.
761.615.30 Revocation for out-of-state offense.
761.615.31 Revocation for violation of a license restriction.
761.615.32 Extension of suspension or revocation period under Iowa Code chapter .
761.615.33 Revocation of a minor’s license.
761.615.34 Other revocations.
761.615.35 Reserved
761.615.36 Effective date of suspension, revocation, disqualification or bar.
761.615.37 Service of notice.
761.615.38 Hearing and appeal process.
761.615.39 Surrender of license.
761.615.40 License reinstatement or reissue.
761.615.41 Investigation of convictions based on fraud.
761.615.42 Remedial driver improvement action under Iowa Code section .
761.615.43 Driver improvement program.
761.615.44 Driver improvement interview.
761.615.45 Temporary restricted license (work permit).