Iowa Administrative Code - 08/10/2022

Transportation Department [761] | Agency Listing
Chapter 112 PRIMARY ROAD ACCESS CONTROL | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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761.112.1 General information.
761.112.2 Definitions.
761.112.3 General requirements for control of access.
761.112.4 General requirements for entrances where access rights have not been acquired.
761.112.5 Additional requirements for Type “A” entrances.
761.112.6 Drainage requirements.
761.112.7 Access to Priority I, II, III and IV highways.
761.112.8 Access to Priority V highways, rural areas.
761.112.9 Access to Priority V highways, fringe or built-up areas, and Priority VI highways, all areas.
761.112.10 Reserved
761.112.11 Policy on acquisition of access rights.
761.112.12 Policy on location of predetermined access locations.
761.112.13 Policy on special access connections where access rights have been previously acquired.
761.112.14 Recreational trail connections.