Iowa Administrative Code - 03/11/2009

Revenue Department [701] | Agency Listing
Chapter 80 PROPERTY TAX CREDITS AND EXEMPTIONS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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701.80.1 Homestead tax credit.
701.80.2 Military service tax exemption.
701.80.3 Pollution control and recycling property tax exemption.
701.80.4 Low-rent housing for the elderly and persons with disabilities.
701.80.5 Speculative shell buildings.
701.80.6 Industrial property tax exemption.
701.80.7 Assessment of computers and industrial machinery and equipment.
701.80.8 Urban revitalization partial exemption.
701.80.9 Forest and fruit-tree reservations.
701.80.10 Underground storage tanks.
701.80.11 Family farm tax credit.
701.80.12 Methane gas conversion property.
701.80.13 Wind energy conversion property.
701.80.14 Mobile home park storm shelter.
701.80.15 Barn and one-room schoolhouse preservation.
701.80.16 Agricultural land tax credit.
701.80.17 Indian housing property.
701.80.18 Property used in value-added agricultural product operations.
701.80.19 Dwelling unit property within certain cities.
701.80.20 Nursing facilities.
701.80.21 Annexation of property by a city.
701.80.22 Port authority.
701.80.23 Concrete batch plants and hot mix asphalt facilities.
701.80.24 Airport property.
701.80.25 Car wash equipment.
701.80.26 Web search portal property.
701.80.27 Privately owned libraries and art galleries.